About Us

Kim Bogris

Kim is the Owner of Hair and Spa in Motion Salon and started her career in Toronto over 20 years ago.

Our Mission

The Hair and Spa in Motion aims to provide an unmatched level of convenience to all its clients. The venture was launched as a mobile hair and spa service that comes to your home or any other location as desired.

Providing You Freedom

When you get your hair done, your satisfaction and peace of mind is our first priority. However, it is not only the expertise of the stylist that governs your satisfaction but the location of the salon as well. If you don’t have the time or the means to go to a salon, Hair and Spa in Motion provides you the liberty of getting your styling done in your desired location.

Hair and Spa in Motion provides exclusive services and an unmatched level of flexibility to our clients. At Hair and Spa in Motion, we don’t have a fixed time and can open at any time in the morning depending on when our clients need us. We understand that getting ready and going to the wedding venue can be a hassle which is why we offer bridal parties the chance to get dressed in their homes or venue of choice.

However, our services are not restricted to brides and bridal parties and our clients can call us for regular hair styling when they are busy with other chores. This provides them an exceptional level of comfort and convenience.

Our Expertise

The most special occasions of your life can be the most stressful as well. Hair and Spa in Motion Salon hopes to take away the stress from you by providing friendly yet highly professional bridal hair services in the comfort of your chosen location. Our stylists have immense experience in wedding hair up dos and make-ups and they help you prepare up for your special day in a stress free and enjoyable manner.

Our expertise:

  • Master colorists with Rusk, Wella, Goldwell and L’Oreal
  • Bridal Hair and Make-up experts
  • Excellent with hair extensions
  • Creative Styling

In order to deliver unmatched services, we adhere to the following principles:

  • We are constantly learning and further evolve our professional skills
  • We use innovative techniques to stick with the latest trends in fashion
  • We are sincere and completely honest in our work

We bring the hair salon to you!

Email: info@hairandspainmotion.com | Phone: 905-999-5597